Do you remember when high-definition televisions first came out? Perhaps you thought that that was the pinnacle of display technology. It was so expensive, and occasionally, the monitors were so bulky, but it was an HD display — as long as it was better than that crappy tube TV that you plugged your Nintendo 64 into.

In the last year, oddly enough, HD displays are now old-fashioned. Gone are the days of talking about plasma screens and HD being the gold standard. Today, we are rapidly moving towards a display industry dominated by 4K. 1080p and 60 frames-per-second used to be the gold standard for gaming, and, quite honestly, it is still a really good standard; however, as PC gamers, we require incredible, high-quality displays to account for our advanced, custom build gaming PCs that feature technology like ray tracing and anti-aliasing.

At Magic Micro Computers, we are working to bring you nothing but the best in terms of gaming PCs. We believe that displays are one of the most long-lasting pieces of technology you will use for gaming, which is why we created this handy guide. For more information about Magic Micro Computers and our excellent line of custom built gaming PCs, be sure to visit our website or call us today at 800-964-2761.

Gaming Monitors in 2019

Whether you have a gaming laptop or a custom built gaming PC, chances are you’re going to use the same monitor over and over, even as you upgrade your rig or connect new computers to it. Because most PC gamers want to focus their budget on the actual computer, the monitor usually comes to them as an afterthought.

We are here today to ensure that you don’t consider your monitor as an afterthought. Think about it: you will be starring at this piece of technology for many hours, and your computer is only as good as the monitor that displays it’s computing power. For that very reason, there are a handful of factors to consider when picking up a gaming monitor, or upgrading your entire gaming PC rig.

4K gaming is extremely important for many gamers. Whether you plan to stream or you just want to enjoy some decent graphics, 4K displays are required to enjoy video games at the level that many video game creators intended them to be enjoyed at. If you spend hundreds of dollars on some of the best PC gaming components so your game can be rendered in 4K, but your display isn’t in 4K, what is the point?

One of the most central ideas behind gaming is that you want to be immersed in a world. When the video game world is beautifully rendered on a screen that can fully display your custom gaming PC’s capabilities, you yourself become more immersed in the story and the gameplay. Every gamer wants an immersive experience that transports them to a different world. For this very reason, it is important to never, ever short yourself on a gaming monitor.

At Magic Micro Computers, we want every PC gamer to have an incredible experience gaming, which is why we create some outstanding custom build gaming PCs. Something that we say time and time again on our blog is that your gaming rig is only as strong as its weakest link. If you have an awesome computer but you don’t have the display to enjoy it, why have such a high-powered piece of equipment? If you are looking to upgrade your PC gaming rig, be sure to visit Magic Micro Computers. While you are at it, make sure that you budget enough for a new display that will last you years to come. For more information visit our website or call us today at 800-964-2761.